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$300,000: Trip and Fall | $2,250,000: Motor Vehicle Accident | $2,200,000: Motor Vehicle Accident | $837,500: Motor Vehicle Accident | $2,000,000: Personal Injury | $400,000: Injury in School | $1,580,000: Motor Vehicle Accident | $700,000: Lead Poisoning | $250,000: Trip and Fall | $450,000: Construction Accident | $125,000: Motor Vehicle Accident | $100,000: Trip and Fall | $315,000: Motor Vehicle Accident | $87,500: Breach of Employment Contract | $547,500: Motor Vehicle Accident



Practice Areas

When you need legal representation, trust in Kafko Schnitzer, LLP, personal injury lawyers in the Bronx, New York, with multiple areas of practice to better serve you. At Kafko Schnitzer, LLP, we're more than just personal injury lawyers. We offer specialized service in a range of practices.

Personal Injury

   • Motor Vehicle Accidents

   • BICYCLE Accidents

   • Trip & Fall

  • Sidewalk Accidents

   • Lead Poisoning
   • Malpractice
   • Injuries in Schools
   • Transit Accidents
   • On-The-Job Injuries
   • Construction Accidents
   • Product Liability

False Arrest
  • False Imprisonment
  • Police Misconduct

Real Estate

  • Transfer of Deeds   • Commercial & Residential Properties   • Purchase & Sale of Homes, Condos, & 

Wills & Estates
  • Will Preparation
  • Probate & Administration

Commercial Litigation
  • Legal Business Creations
  • Purchase & Sale of Businesses

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